Combo Marathon: 400,000 UAH in prize money + freebets for 100,000 UAH

Combo Marathon: 400,000 UAH in prize money + freebets for 100,000 UAH

Collect top combinations at the Hold'em cash tables and get prizes every week!

Cash game masters, get ready for a cool marathon!

From May 16 to May 31, we will be giving away 400,000 UAH in prize money in our new Combo Marathon promotion along with many freebets worth 100,000 UAH. Wow!

In total, there will be 2 leaderboards with 200,000 UAH in each:

from May 16, 03:00 to May 24, 02:59 (Kyiv time
from May 24, 03:00 to June 1, 02:59 (Kyiv time)

Also, the top 100 players of each leaderboard will get freebets for 500 UAH! (freebets will be credited within 72 hours after the end of the scoring period).

What do I need to do?

To qualify for the prizes, you need to play at Hold'em cash tables at the limit from 2.5/5 UAH and higher and gain points for the collected combinations from a pair of kings (KK). You can also get points for winning and losing hands. It's easy!

Points distribution table:

Combination Points for a winning hand Points for a losing hand on showdown Points for a fold without the showdown
КК 10 15 5
АА 20 30 10
Two Pairs 30 45 15
Set 40 60 20
Straight 50 75 25
Flush 60 90 30
Full House 100 150 50
Four of a kind 250 500 125
Straight Flush 2,500 5,000 1,250
Royal Flush 5,000

Please note! Both pocket cards must be used in the combination. The hands featuring 3 or more participants in the game count.

Depending on the game limit, a multiplier will be applied to the received points. The higher the limit, the higher the multiplier:

Limit Multiplier
2.5/5 грн x1
5/10 грн x2
10/20 грн x4
25/50 грн и выше х10

All players who score 1,500 points or more during the leaderboard scoring period will share the prize pool!

Prize money distribution formula:

Player's prize money = number of player's points x (200,000 UAH / sum of points of all players who qualified).

For example. A player scored 7,000 points on one of the leaderboards and the total number of points of the players who qualified was 800,000 points. As a result, the player gets 7,000 x (200,000 UAH / 800,000) = 1,750 UAH.

Important! In order for the combination to count towards standings, you need to select Combo Marathon in the game client lobby in "Promotions" and click "Participate".

Collect cool combinations at the Hold'em cash tables and get your prize! Good luck!

Additional terms and conditions

1.The scoring period of the Combo Marathon promotion is from May 16, 03:00 to June 01, 02:59. Kyiv time.
2. Leaderboards scoring periods (Kyiv time):
16.05.24, 03:00 — 24.05.24, 02:59
24.05.24, 03:00 — 01.06.24, 02:59
3. To participate in the promotion, you need to click on the “Participate” button in the game client.
4. The prize pool is divided proportionally according to the number of points. The more points in the leaderboard, the bigger prize you can get.
5. Both pocket cards must be used to make a combination.
6. If the pot is shared at the end of the hand, the points will be counted as for winning the hand.
7. Prize money for the leaderboard will be automatically credited to the player's account within 15 minutes after the end of the leaderboard.
8. Points for collected combinations will be counted after leaving the table.
9. Pokerbet may publish the current or final results of the promotion at any time, including information on the prize amounts won by certain players.
10. Pokerbet may change the terms of the promotion or end it at any time.