Bonus for a friend: invite a new player to Pokerbet and get 250 UAH!

Bonus for a friend: invite a new player to Pokerbet and get 250 UAH!

Invite your friends to play online poker or casino and earn extra prizes

A new cool promotion for all Pokerbet players! Become our partners and we'll build a poker community together!

In our "Bonus for a friend!" promotion you just need to invite your friend to Pokerbet, and we will pay you 250 UAH ($7, €7) for each of your buddies. How cool is that!

What do I have to do?

1. Go to "Bonus for a friend" section in your profile on the Pokerbet website.

2. Copy the link or code there.

3. Send the link or code to the person you want to invite to the room.

The rest is up to your friend.

In order for you to get a reward, they need:

1. Register at Pokerbet, using your link or a code.

2. Verify their account.

3. Make a deposit of 250 UAH ($7, €7) or more.

4. Generate 100 UAH ($3, €3) rake in poker or make bets in the casino in the amount of 5,000 UAH ($150, €150)

That's all! You have 250 UAH in your pocket! By the way, the number of players you can invite is unlimited!

Invite your friends and acquaintances to plunge into the world of sports poker at Pokerbet! Together we are the power!

Additional Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion starts on November 16, 2021.
2. All verified Pokerbet players can take part in this promotion.
3. If a player who is invited meets the qualification criteria, their affiliate receives a prize of 250 UAH ($7, €7).
4. An invited player must be verified in order to qualify.
5. Number of players, who can be invited to Pokerbet, is not limited.
6. The invited player must fulfill the conditions of qualification within 30 days from the date of their registration at Pokerbet. Otherwise, their affiliate will not receive a reward.
7. The prize of 250 UAH does not require wagering. The player can dispose this amount at their own discretion.
8. All rewards are preliminary checked for fraud by the security service of the room and only then are credited to the gaming account. Progress of crediting remuneration you can see in the table in your personal cabinet in the "Bonus for a friend" section.
9. Pokerbet reserves the right to deny the player in the reward, if the participant of the promotion or the player invited by they is convicted of fraudulent actions.
10. The terms and conditions of the promotion can be changed or amended at any time.