Reverse Texas Hold'em

Reverse Texas Hold'em is a variation of classic Texas Hold'em. Both of these games use the same seniority of hands, the same structure of bets and rounds of bidding, which allows you to get used to the new tables quickly. The main difference of Reverse Texas Hold'em is the order of cards distribution to the board.

1. After the first bidding round (pre-flop), 1 common card is dealt at flop (unlike the regular Texas Hold'em, where 3 common cards are dealt at flop).

2. The next round of bidding follows. If at least two players are left in the game at the end of it, 1 more common card is dealt — turn.

3. Then another round of bidding follows, and the river is dealt — 3 common cards.

4. Next comes the final round of bidding and the showdown (if at least two players are left in the game).

You can find Reverse Texas Hold'em tables in the lobby of the game client. To do this, click the "Filters" button and select the type of game "Reverse Hold'em".