Run It Twice

Run It Twice (RIT) is a popular way to deal cards after an all-in, allowing them to see two boards. Thanks to this feature, you can significantly smooth out the dispersion, as well as try to change the outcome of the deal by splitting the pot.

If one of the players goes all-in and gets a call from his opponent, the remaining common cards are dealt twice, forming two separate boards. The stage of the deal does not matter, whether it is preflop, flop, turn, or river.


Let's say player #1 goes all-in and opponents #2 and #3 respond. If each of them agrees to "roll" twice by pressing the special button at the table, then two boards will open:

In the first case, player #1 wins with J8s in hand, and in the second, player #2 wins by collecting two pairs with AK. Thus, each of them will take 50% of the pot.

The third player has lost on all boards and will not get a share of the pot.

How to start the game with Run It Twice

To try out the Run It Twice feature, you don't have to spend a lot of time browsing through the settings. In our lobby, you'll find cash tables that have RITs turned on by default. They are all marked with "twice" icon.

Important! RIT can be activated only with the consent of all players in the pot. This option is not available in tournaments.

Run It 3

At cash tables, you can do more than just look at two boards.

You can reach an agreement with your opponent and play the cards three times, with an option known as Run It 3. This reduces the dispersion factor in the hand even more!