Over 1,790,000 UAH at the start of the Ukrainian Poker Cup series!

Over 1,790,000 UAH at the start of the Ukrainian Poker Cup series!

Break into our top tournaments and win cool prizes and medals!

Ultimate readiness! The Ukrainian Poker Cup at Pokerbet is starting!

On the first weekend of the series in our 9 Ukrainian Poker Cup title tournaments, we will play more than 1,790,000 UAH, and the winners of the top tournaments will receive commemorative personalized medals along with the prize money!

During the first three days, we will find out the names of the champions of the Zhytomyr Cup, Dnipro Cup and Lviv Cup in Hold'em, Omaha and OFC, and you just have to be among them. Start fighting from the very first hands and get your prizes every day!

UPC tournament schedule (May 10-12)

Date Start time
(Kyiv time)
Tournament Game Buy-in GTD
May 10, Fr 19:00 UPC | PLO Zhytomyr Cup PLO 440₴ 40,000₴
19:30 UPC | OFC Zhytomyr Cup OFC 440₴ 35,000₴
20:00 UPC | Zhytomyr Cup NLHE 1,100₴ 300,000₴ + медаль чемпиону
May 11, Sa 19:00 UPC | PLO Dnipro Cup PLO 1,100₴ 70,000₴ + медаль чемпиону
19:30 UPC | OFC Dnipro Cup OFC 1,100₴ 70,000₴ + медаль чемпиону
20:00 UPC | Dnipro Cup NLHE 1,100₴ 1,000,000₴ + медаль чемпиону
May 12, Su 19:00 UPC | PLO-6 Lviv Cup PLO-6 440₴ 40,000₴
19:30 UPC | OFC Lviv Cup OFC 440₴ 35,000₴
20:00 UPC | Lviv Cup NLHE 5,500₴ 200,000₴ + медаль чемпиону

You can also warm up in Warm Up tournaments daily and compete for sets of exclusive Pokerbet merchandise (hoodie, t-shirt, cap). These prizes will go to the top 10 most successful players of our warm up tournaments at the end of the series.

Warm Up tournament schedule:

Start time
(Kyiv time)
Tournament Game Buy-in GTD
18:00 [UPC] PLO Warm-up PLO 150₴ 10,000₴
18:30 [UPC] OFC Warm-up OFC 150₴ 10,000₴
19:00 [UPC] NLHE Warm-up NLH 150₴ 20,000₴

And, of course, for the participants of the title tournaments of the series we have prepared 200,000 UAH in our traditional UPC Tourneymania promotion. You can get points in the leaderboard depending on your result in the title tournament. The top 3 winners of the promotion will get cool cups along with the prize money. There is something to fight for!

Prizes in the UPC Tourneymania promotion:

Place Prize
1 40,000 UAH + cup
2 25,000 UAH + cup
3 20,000 UAH + cup
4 15,000 UAH
5 12,000 UAH
6 10,000 UAH
7 9,000 UAH
8 8,000 UAH
9 7,000 UAH
10-11 5,000 UAH
12-14 4,000 UAH
15-19 3,000 UAH
20-25 2,000 UAH
26-30 1,000 UAH

Show your best game and become the hero of the Ukrainian Cup in online poker at Pokerbet! Good luck!