Ivan ‘luckydreamer’ Bozhenko is now Pokerbet's ambassador!

Ivan ‘luckydreamer’ Bozhenko is now Pokerbet's ambassador!

The famous poker player and popular streamer will now represent our platform

We are happy to introduce our new ambassador, dear friends!

Successful and popular poker player Ivan ‘luckydreamer' Bozhenko, who you might know from the streams on our channels, will now represent Pokerbet in a new role.

Ivan has been playing poker for more than 10 years and showing consistently high results both online and offline. He is constantly progressing and doing a lot to popularize sports poker in Ukraine and internationally.

"We are glad to welcome Ivan as Pokerbet's ambassador, and we are sure that our cooperation will be outstanding and fruitful," the company representative said.—"We wish our new ambassador great success at the poker tables. Good luck, luckydreamer!"

According to Ivan, now his main goals are to work more on his game skills, grow in limits, and help popularize sports poker.

"I had three dreams—to become the ambassador, to become part of the Ukraine National Team and to play at the WSOP Main Event. Two of these dreams have come true," says luckydreamer.—"I am honored to represent and promote Ukrainian sports poker together with Pokerbet. I'm sure that together we will show the power of Ukrainian poker to the whole world!"

Good luck, Ivan!