Psychology of short stacks

Psychology of decisions on the table

Regulars know their rivals in a face. Ten hands will be enough for regularly player to describe the opponent. It is easy for him to determine the forecast of the game, the possible tactics and even the level of winnings, after which his rivals will leave the table.

Important information for a microlimit player

The small blind with K7s decides to raise on BB, because before that all the opponents folded, and the card allows to enter the game. The result of BB is 3-bet. After the first player folded, he sees the 78o with a smirk from the BB. Who will like such opponent on the left? Besides him, there are two nits (13/2 and 11/5), TAG (22/9) and one more serious opponent at the table. If the opponent to the left of the player will be loose-passive, he would be profitable. However, in this situation, the optimal solution is to change a table.

The main reason - passivity, exactly the unwillingness to look for the next table, when it is already perfectly played. Another reason may come in person. Once losing to the opponent player does not want to leave the table without revenge. As a result, he lightly 4-bets and makes calls, makes 3-bets with ambiguous hands, which goes into real war. For what? You can in fact pick up a table with weak opponents and gradually take away their chips.

How to increase winrate

One of the most effective tools with which you can fight against your own ego is the answer to the question "Why am I playing now?". The correct answer is increase of winrate. Therefore, such a table must be left as quickly as possible. The most important thing in the game is to remember that a bankroll needs weak opponents for growth. The game does not understand honor, it understands victory or lose.

By correctly determining the size of the bet for an individual opponent, the player will be able to take advantage of 15%. However, for this it is necessary to spend thoughtless, but memorable actions. A participant in the game who folds into a 3-bet does not count as a fish or a weakling. Quite often he leaves the table with the maximum winnings. The secret is that the player knows exactly when to enter the game and leave it.

Not all participants in the game pay attention to the size of the stacks of opponents after they sat down at the table. Such inattention can result in huge losses for the bankroll. And the main evil is short stacks. As a short stack you can accept a player with 40 BB or less.

Rules of the regular game using the short stack strategy

Regulars that use the tactics of the short stack in the game prefer to go to the table with a minimum buy-in. Wherein they play mostly in a tight style. As their main goal is to get a monster and to double. For this purpose there is a promotion on the whole stack of a weak opponent. In this situation, the victim argues in following way: this opponent has run out of chips, and therefore he can no longer deliver problems. It is for this reason that many players prefer to join the fight, completely forgetting that the short stack, as a rule, does not come with ”any two“. The player who enters the game has a monster hand. Doubled, he immediately leaves the table, leaving his victim with a huge minus.

With low limits, there are many more short stacks that prefer to play in a manic style. If you have the same 20-40 BB, these players do not leave the table after the first profit. They prefer a loose-aggressive style of the game.

Psychology of short stacks

The psychology of short stacks often allows players to play a wide range of hands, relying on luck. The participants of the meeting enjoy the benefits of the desperate victims. They discourse like this: 40 cents is too small to be afraid of losing it. As a rule, they come just to play, not expecting to receive a serious profit.

A player who focuses on the plus, comes to poker with various game tactics in stock. The rivals who do not know how to control themselves is very advantageous for him. The first thing they should do is to reduce the range.

How to play correctly if there are a lot of short stacks at the table

If there are a lot of short stacks at the table, regardless of they are loose or tight, the game fundamentally changes her meaning. In this situation, it is necessary to refuse from the standard rules. Since pocket pair 66 or suited 87 lose against the backdrop of manic short stacks. These people will go to the end, making them to fold cards will be impossible mission. However, choosing the correct tactics for the game, the player can make a profit.

A good profit is expected in the game against one or more short stacks, since the game with them will provide for a good equity. If a weak opponent with a large stack is playing at the table, it's very problematic to go with him to heads-up. It is important to remember that tables with short stacks on showdown have on several times bigger the percentage of feature.