Strategy of micro-limits

What is the strategy of micro-limits

Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular types of poker. This is an ageless classic, which has virtually no competitors, and if it does, then a small percentage of them. Concerning this kind of poker, we will talk about the use of micro-limits.

Many new players prefer micro-limits because, in their opinion, the probability of losing a large amount of money is much lower. However, in practice, everything looks completely different - there are gamers who played on micro-limits, they winning solid amounts, emptying the purses of their rivals.

Beginners are recommended during the initial stages of training to play on nano-limits, where the sizes of blinds and buy-ins can even be $0,01/$0,02. Speaking about micro-limits, it is necessary to take for the minimum threshold $0,25/$0,50, $5, $10 and even 25 dollars.

Why you should play on micro-limits

The decisive role for an experienced player has a quick adaptation to raising their own limits. From the psychological point of view, this process is individual for each player, and as it turned out in practice, the overwhelming majority of them are simply not ready for this. Failures in the initial stages is perhaps depended from this.

At the same time, micro-limits bring certain benefits to those who do not have the high roller bankroll, but want to win a lot. That's why for many clients of poker-rooms the game on micro-limits is not just an outlet, but a way of earning money. In this connection, it is necessary to find out what is the strategy of such poker game.

Subtleties of strategy of micro-limits

In game on micro-limits, for an experienced player, there are certain advantages over most of his rivals. This is due to the fact that he will not do unjustified raise to pre-flop, risking on the river and having a weak pair on his hands.

Together with this it is reasonable to combine the aggressive style of the game with the tight style and never completely go into the shade. Opponents should understand your frequent readiness for the game. At the same time, raising a significant sum of money follows the condition of having an ace in hand with a king, a lady or a jack, or a worthy pair, best of all of the same suit.

Playing on the flop, a strong player should not give indulgence to his opponent, although he must remember to control his emotions. Having a good combination in a situation where a large number of possible strong hands is implied, it is necessary to exert pressure on the rivals, making raises and re-raises. But it's also not advisable to get involved in this process - even the weakest player will eventually manage to figure you out and risk his bankroll to satisfy his curiosity.

Playing on the micro-limits, it makes no sense to support the initiative of those who are systematically exposed all-in. In this case, it's best to go all-in by yourself, having a worthy combination, instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Another feature of micro-limits is that by raising the bet preflop with a good hand, you do not risk appearing in a deliberately losing situation. Really smart opponents will not dare to go with you with a small pair, and excessive fans of excitement can resort for using to call even twos and threes of different suits in the hope for a successful flop.